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Bringing Leadership Training to African Communities

One challenge in African communities is the inaccessibility of training for pastors and church leaders. The areas where our ministry support is focused are dealing with high unemployment and poverty, so pastors usually aren’t able to attend college. This is why we decided to begin funding leadership training

Pastor Emmanuel Nzama, Christ Fellowship Centre, is bringing leadership trainings to the communities. He covers basics (in no particular order) such as:

  • Christian Ethics – understanding Old Testament commands regarding ethical behavior in light of New Testament teachings.
  • False Gospels that we need to be aware of, with special focus on the error of the prosperity gospel.
  • Keeping the focus on Christ instead of personal empire building.
  • Race, culture and social ethics in the church – where does the church fit in? How can we be “in the world but not of it?” How can we impact society?
  • How to address difficult cultural and traditional practices that are not Biblical.
  • Ordination and a Code of Ethics.
  • Encouragement for pastors and leaders who are feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.
  • How to avoid pitfalls in ministry, both in personal life and in the life of the church.
  • How to make church members feel loved and meet the needs in the church.
  • How to develop healthy children’s, teen, young adult, and adult ministries.
  • How to practice financial accountability, time management, and mentoring.
  • How to grow in a personal walk with Christ.
  • How to write different types of sermons and deliver them effectively (with examples).

Leadership training began in 2018 and hundreds of pastors have participated since then.  In 2023, 734 pastors attended pastor trainings.

For more information on upcoming pastor trainings, contact Emmanuel Nzama.


Pastor Emmanuel, who leads the trainings, says, “Born into a deeply rural and impoverished background myself, my heart goes out to these church leaders. We listen to the challenges of cultural practices that are frustrating them and praise God that all the answers and solutions are in God’s word. We have traveled and met committed servants of God who are serving in very hard conditions, yet they remain faithful to the call of God in their lives. It is God’s grace that we get to be part of their journey – to come alongside them and share ministry truths that will help them to grow and lead better. The hope in their faces after our trainings is our greatest joy.  Thank you so much to those who support this leadership program - Siyabonga (thank you).


Pastor K. Rathebe, Harrismith (Free State Province) reports, “I am pastoring a church that was planted in 2015. I serve a challenging community. Unemployment, broken family structures and high levels of crime are a big problem here in this small township called Ntabazwe, in Harrismith town. I was part of the Harrismith pastoral training early 2019. In the section about “church organization and leader responsibility," we learned about being an elder, deacon, usher and other church working positions. The church improved as everyone serving in our local church now knows what to do and when to do it. This training is impacting people like me who might never have an opportunity of going for a 4-year Bible college degree. We are thankful for such resources.


Pastor Bhekumuzi Buthelezi, Nongoma, shares, “I attended a pastoral training 3 hours from my village. It was worth the travel and being away from home for few days. I will never be the leader I used to be before all that I learned at the training. One of the subjects in the manual, “How to Prepare a Sermon,” has changed my ministry. More people are now coming to church because they say my teachings are simple, direct, and well planned. I learned how to compose my message, construct it, and communicate it. I cherish my manual - it’s one special book that helps me next to my number one book, my Bible. I have trained 62 other church leaders from different churches in our village using the material I got, along with coaching from Pastor Emmanuel."


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