Prevention Time 2016 Mission Trip

Please enjoy the slideshow above of Prevention Time's 2016 mission trip to South Africa. From August 26 to September 11, our team of 14 people worked in schools, churches, and other venues to support Biblica's Reach4Life program under the direction of Thandeka Mavundla.The team spent time in townships in the Johannesburg and Cape Town areas, with a stop in the North West province, where new work is beginning. We also participated in community outreaches, including home visits in townships and squatter camps. Reach4Life advocates AIDS prevention and youth development.To support this work, please go to our donate page.


Realizing the Potential of Every African Child

girl in south africaPrevention Time is a non-denominational Christian organization that invests in the lives of young people in South Africa, where an estimated 6.3 million people are currently living with the HIV virus. Our goal is to reach the next generation before they become infected. Using Biblica's Reach4Life© curriculum to promote wise life choices, we are working with the youth there to help them achieve their full potential.

We are an all volunteer organization with the majority of our funding going to support indigenous Christian adults who teach in the schools and in fellowship clubs. We provide the cost of transportation to the schools, lunches,toiletries, training, a stipend for providing reports, and some other miscellaneous expenses. We also provide Reach4Life books used by the students.

Additionally, we sponsor Khayelisha Care in Tugela Ferry, South Africa, which offers a range of services to orphans and vulnerable children, including food, clothing, housing, and other support as circumstances require.  

Our desire to help is based on the example of Jesus. He had compassion for people and said we are to love others as much as we love ourselves. No one individual or organization can solve the world’s problems, but when people join together and each gives just a little, some needs can be met. We invite you to join us in bringing a message of hope to the youth of South Africa!


2015 Results and 2016 Goals

Students in South Africa

With the help of our supporters, we were able to take the Reach4Life program to 14,082 students in classrooms, with another 11,332 participating in assemblies. Approximately 900 inmates also used the Reach4Life program in detention centers. The first Peer Educator conference was held in Soweto, with all regions attending. We purchased 15,000 Reach4Life New Testaments. The program expanded into Durban, some villages near St. Lucia, Klerksdorp, Pilanesburg, and the University of Pretoria. In 2016, we will continue to expand and will begin working for the first time in Cape Town and Swaziland. With the help of 39 Peer Educators and 44 churches, our 2016 goal is for the program to be in 93 schools, nine prisons, and numerous small groups, reaching an estimated 25,500 young people. Thank you for your continued support for this ministry.


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2016 Clothing Drive

Once again, our supporters donated items for our summer clothing drive. Over 26,000 pounds of clothes were collected, bringing in over $5,400 for the Reach4Life program in South Africa!

2015 Clothing Drive

Prevention Time collected over 27,000 pounds of clothing during their Summer 2015 Drive to raise funds for the Reach4Life AIDS prevention and youth development program.

2014 Mission Trip

Please enjoy this slideshow of Prevention Time's mission trip to South Africa from August 29 to September 13, 2014. Our team of 15 people worked in ten schools and several churches, community halls, a hospital, a hospice and a prison, as well as other community events. We used Biblica's Reach4Life® program in many of our activities. The program advocates AIDS prevention and youth development.The background music is provided by one of our team members, Dominic Liberati, singing one of the songs we sang while we were there.

From a Peer Educator

Hear from a young pastor/Peer Educator we support in Durban, who uses Biblica's Reach4Life program in eight schools and other youth groups.